Dániel Hajas

Hey there, I'm Dániel. I’ll tell my story and you tell me who I am, whether my journey is interesting enough to motivate you to dream big.

I am the founder of the company Grapheel and am doing a PhD at the University of Sussex. 


Check out my posts below!

Man with Blue Sweater

December 2, 2017

PhD – The way I see it

Originally published at http://www.grapheel.com/2017/11/27/phd-the-way-i-see-it/. Reprinted here with Dániel's permission. 

PhD student, PhD candidate, doctoral researcher, post-honours degree, or for those of you who take titles serious a Doctor of Philosophy. Just few of the many ways post graduate students can be labelled. I use “Doctoral research student” on my LinkedIn profile, just to please and...

October 11, 2017

Greetings, I’m Daniel. When people ask if they should call me Dan, Danny, Daniel, I usually say, you can call me Bob if you like, as long as I know you refer to me. You see, that’s also my view on one introducing him or herself. I could say I’m a social entrepreneur or use labels like a scientist, or a virtue such as, ambitious student. But I prefer leaving this job to you. I’ll tell my story and you tell me who I am, whether...

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