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Here are short bios by the writers who have contributed to the blog posts. Click on their names to see all their posts. 

Hi everyone, 

I’m Claire and I have been visually impaired from birth. I have about 10% vision with a small visual field and can see shapes and colours.

I studied Languages and Philosophy as an undergraduate (including an Erasmus year abroad in Salamanca, Spain which was lots of fun) and then did a Masters in Translation and Interpreting.

I now work as a technical translator for a software company.

In my spare time, I enjoy the thrill of rock-climbing (both indoor and outdoor), discovering places and meeting new people. 

Old Book

Hey there,

I'm Dániel. I’ll tell my story and you tell me who I am, whether my journey is interesting enough to motivate you to dream big.

I am the founder of the company Grapheel and am doing a PhD at the University of Sussex

Man with Blue Sweater


I'm a visually impaired lawyer and entrepreneur. I see about 3-4% since birth.

I studied law at the University of Lund in Sweden.

I've recently developed an app intended for Swedish lawyers, check it out here (Swedish only): Lagens Möjligheter.

Man with Blue Sweater

My name is Belmina and I have studied behavioural sciences including sociology, psychology and pedagogy at various universities in Sweden. I’m legally blind which in my case means that I can’t see anything. Currently I’m looking for a job and have applied for a law course in employment rights.

Old Book

Hi there!

My name is Sofia. I'm a physics researcher with a PhD in quantum physics.

I am diagnosed with albinism and see about 15%. 

For my undergraduate degree, I studied theoretical physics at Imperial College London. 

Aside from thinking about physics all day, I play the piano, sing in a choir and play videogames. 

Old Book

Hey there, I’m Nathan.

I have albinism, and my eyesight is around 20%

I have just finished my masters degree in Computer Science and I work as a full-time software engineer in Amsterdam.


Man with Blue Sweater

Hi there, 

My name is Robbie and I have just completed a PhD in chemistry at University College London

I have ocular albinism and I see about 40%.

I studied chemistry at Durham University in the UK.


Hi there,I'm Elin Williams.

I am diagnosed with Retina Pigmentosa, and I'm also the author and creator of the blog My Blurred World

I study creative writing at the Open University in the UK.

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