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Dennis: A short introduction

Hi and welcome to this short introduction of a visually impaired lawyer and entrepreneur. My name is Dennis Ivarsson, I grew up in Sweden where I did natural science for my A-levels and a four-and-a-half year long Master of Law degree at the University of Lund.

I’ve been interested in law since the first time I visited a trial in court when I was 14 years old and watched the judge carry out the proceedings. To study natural science might not seem the most straight-forward way for an aspiring lawyer. The simple reason for this choice though was that I didn’t like geography, but had a talent for mathematics and programming.

After getting my law degree, I’ve worked at two law firms and completed my service of 18 months as a law clerk in a Swedish district court. At the moment, I’m developing an app for my legal database of judgements and drafts of legal articles.

I hope that my future contributions on this blog will inspire you to study law and convince you that it is possible to do so while being visually impaired. Please have a look at my other posts and don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rock on!

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